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The Story behind Breakthrough Consulting

Over a decade ago, Jacquie Stephens had a vision to help people get out of their own way to be their best possible self. She set out to do just that - find out where people needed help, what was getting in their way, choose a new path forward, and execute. In a way that makes changes STICK. Today, Breakthrough Consulting uses their resources wisely - looking for that perfect fit with the client's needs.  


About the Founder - Jacquie Stephens, MBA, RCC, PCC

With over 20 years of experience and 3,000 hours of coaching, Jacquie Stephens brings clarity amongst the chaos. She speaks what she sees and hears in a way that is supportive and without judgement. Using brain based coaching methodologies, Jacquie's clients experience major breakthroughs, achieving things that they once thought daunting or insurmountable. Her MBA in Strategic Planning and Organizational Effectiveness and her Certificate in NeuroLeadership have allowed her to help leaders be more strategic in their thinking and their choices, and be more aware of the impact they are having on others. Jacquie is a Results Certified Coach, Certified Life Coach, and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF).   


Discover Possibilities. Redesign Reality.



Trish, PhD, P Geol. - Geosciences Manager

Jacquie Stephens has been coaching me for over 2 years in one capacity or another.  I first met Jacquie when Frontline Leadership was offered by my employer.  I very much enjoyed the formal training that course offered but it was the individual coaching sessions in the program that had the biggest impact on me.  Jacquie changed how I viewed myself as a leader within the first one hour session.  She used very subtle questions to guide me to think through the situations I was facing and then taught me a focussing exercise that I still use whenever I need to face a challenging situation.   

Following my leadership training through my employer, I have worked with Jacquie on personal coaching over the past year and a half.  I have been blown away by what I have been able to accomplish personally and professionally with Jacquie’s coaching.  I have made advancements that I would not have thought possible a year ago and am now in a managerial role at a major oil and gas company.    

What I really enjoy about Jacquie’s coaching style is that she pushes me to think through what my goal is such that I make a mental connection and then she explains the neuroscience behind the process.  This enables me to both experience the breakthrough moments of realizing what I need to do; but also gives me the background understanding that taps my innate curiosity.    More than once, a mere thirty-minute coaching session with Jacquie has taken me from being stressed about how to handle an impending situation to feeling happy and invigorated with the confidence and mental tools to take on the upcoming challenges.  Jacquie’s coaching style is flexible and adaptive, helping me to get around mental roadblocks, but most notably Jacquie’s style is focussed, energizing and fun. 

Michael, MBA – Director Corporate Strategy and Finance


Jacquie Stephens has coached me during the previous 3 months.  I was somewhat sceptical on what a coach could do for me.  I was struggling with not only work issues, but personal issues as well.  Jacquie’s style allowed her to break through my tough outer shell in order to see what was truly going on.  It was amazing how fast she earned my trust and this was over the phone!  Jacquie pushed me, gently, to dig deeper and find the true issues that were causing me such a lack of confidence.  She did not allow me to talk poorly about myself as she slowly began to aim me in the right direction, towards self confidence and believing in myself. 

I am on the right track right now thanks to Jacquie’s skills.  I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Glenda, Team Lead Corporate Facilities and Office Services

I had the pleasure of meeting Jacquie in 2011, while attending her Frontline Leadership course. Until then, none of the previous leadership courses I attended ever stuck with me, so imagine how excited I was to attend yet another leadership training course! That changed when I met Jacquie.   

At the workshop I was  introduced to one-on-one coaching sessions and that’s where Jacquie really shines. Her approach to coaching is methodical, logical, sprinkled with sharp wit and is geared to you and not a cookie-cutter template.   

Jacquie knows when to push you, when to provide you with support and  she steps back when the cocoon is about to become a butterfly.   

You won’t get a pretty little binder that sits on a bookshelf but you will get practical, valuable tools that you will use long after your session not only in your business leadership role but in your personal life.