FrontLine Leadership 2.0 (FLL 2.0)


About the Program

The Purpose of the Program:

This program is focused on helping people make a successful transition from the role of individual contributor to that of Front Line Leader. It is designed to help leaders gain insights into their own leadership behaviours and learn how to help others realize their full potential. Leaders will gain better understanding of the alignment between their role as leader and the overall goals and commitments of the company.

The Deliverables

The deliverables of the program for the leader participants are:

  1. Understand what leadership means for you, your team and your company
  2. Understand your leadership tendencies and what you might enhance 
  3. Raise self-awareness, learn emotional regulation and hone social awareness
  4. Build confidence in leadership skills 
  5. Optimize your work group’s  performance and enhance its engagement
  6. Learn Diagnostic Skills for team’s development level
  7. Learn to give and utilize effective feedback
  8. Preempt and manage conflict in your team
  9. Understand the challenges and opportunities of change
  10. Continuously enhance your communication effectiveness and relationship management

The Approach

The format of this program has been carefully designed to set up each participant for success in their leadership journey. The program includes 24 hours of classroom learning, 3 hours of personal coaching, and personal reflection/assignments between classroom training.  This is broken down as follows:

Introductory webinar:

  1. Provides an overview of what the participants can expect from the program
  2. Demonstrates how to use the website including the 360-degree feedback
  3. Will be recorded and shared with those who missed the sessions

Classroom learning include a combination of:

  1. Theory provided by the facilitators
  2. Discussion as a large group as well as smaller groups
  3. Experiential learning exercises
  4. 3 full day classes are delivered approximately one month apart.
  5. Exercises reflecting relevant leadership exercises

Individual Coaching:

  1. Coaching is completely    confidential between the Coach and the Coachee
  2. Will be conducted in person or via phone
  3. Each participant will have a one hour coaching session after each of the 3 classroom sessions for a total of 3 hours of individual coaching. 

Feedback from a 360-degree assessment tool:

  1. Feedback is provided by the supervisor, direct /indirect reports, peers and the participants themselves
  2. A written report is compiled from the feedback and shared with the participant
  3. Participants will work with coaches to build an individual development plan based on the assessment results

Assignments and reflection:

  1. In between each module,  participants will be asked to do some reflection on their own leadership attributes that align with the theory learned in class
  2. Assignments will be given that integrate learnings into every day work life

The Program Contents

The program focuses on the participant leader day 1, their team on day 2, and the organization on day 3. The details for each day include:


Day 1 

Focusing on YOU

· Making the transition

· Thinking about your thinking

· What motivates YOU

· Faciliating change in YOU

· Listening effectively

· Powerful questions

· Emotional regulation

Day 2 

Getting the best for your TEAM

· YOUR feedback results

· Determining your TEAM’s capabilities and needs

· Applying appropriate leadership styles

· Partnering for performance

· Planning and measuring progress

· Providing feedback that strengthens your TEAM

Day 3 

Getting results for the ORGANIZATION

· Relationships at work

· Optimizing your team’s performance

· Communication: up, down and across

· Effective meeting culture

· Driving desired change

· Balance